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Happy New Year – 2011

Keely and I would like to wish all our anipals a very Happy New Year. Wouldn’t it be nice if this were to become the “NO MORE” year … no more lost/abandoned pets, no more hungry animals and people, no more miserable emptiness in the world. Together we can make it a reality.

Wherever you are in the world, we wish you joy and good health this year *raises a glass* xxx


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A Special Christmas Present

For the first time in my life, I received a package in the post this Christmas, coming all the way from the United Kingdom. It was from my fiancee, @Keely_Bobs. Keely had sent me a brilliant frisbee made locally where she lives, and a soft warm blankie for the cooler months:

Fun frisbee from my darling Keely
Warm blankie from Keely for winter time

Here I am bringing the frisbee to Pop and asking him to throw it:

And here I am retrieving the frisbee and bringing it back to Pop for another throw. You’ll see I’ll also show you another way to carry it, hehehe:

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Merry Christmas Everyone

For we pups, this is our fourth Christmas on this planet, although for our very first Christmas we were just bumps in Mama’s tummy. This year Nan & Pop have decorated our playroom and we’ve been for our Christmas photos:

 And the kitty cats decided to have their photos taken this year. Casey (left) was born in NZ, is bottle-raised and almost 15 yrs old; Patch (middle) is 7 yrs old (and adopted us); and Darius (right) is 13 yrs old and our first Aussie pet:

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