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Aussie Road Trip – Ladies on the Move!

We are awfully excited and very busy … some of our lady furriends have had enough of their winter weather and are headed this way on an Aussie Road Trip to enjoy our summer weather for the weekend! They are Lola & Bo @BoBubbles (Ireland), @Cricket1230 (Texas USA), @IamDaisyDoo (Massachusetts) and @MeisRoxyThePug (Ohio USA). Our pal the lovely @Charshy_pup from just down the road (Melbourne) is going to join the Trip too:

Clockwise from top left: Lola & Bo, Charshy, Roxy, Cricket & Daisy

My brofur Raja and I will be carrying out extra patrols for the ladies, just for their peace of mind (and to make sure no crawlies get near them).

Upon arrival, each lady will be greeted with a cold rose champagne cocktail and nommy cake at the main house while their luggage is taken to the Summer House:

And in their rooms in the Summer House they will each find a bouquet of Australian flowers, a gourmet doggy gift basket and a genuine Akubra hat for their own:

We have cleared a picturesque area in one of our paddocks and reconstructed our popular Summer House. There are six separate bedrooms, each one boasting a fabulous sitting room, walk-in-robe, ensuite and private balcony:

A private balcony, luxurious living room and king sized bedroom for each guest

The Summer House is also equipped with a brilliant Olympic sized swimming pool with wet bar service, and an award winning 3 star Michelin restaurant which is open 24 hours a day to cater for room and pool guests:

 Top: Fully stocked swimming pool wet bar     Bottom: Award winning nommies

And when the ladies need a pick-me-up, our onsite Spa should help lift those lagging spirits and renew their energy levels. The Spa’s luxury gift pack is complimentary to all guests who stay:

Top: Relax in the Summer House Spa  Bottom: Luxurious Spa gift pack

We are all ready now for our lady furriends to arrive at their leisure via the Google Earth Jet. I have my pawses crossed that my darling @Keely_Bobs is able to visit during the weekend too. She has been very busy with our wedding plans but I know she would enjoy a short break away:

My darling Keely & me wearing our Akubra hats

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Backseat Driving

We love going out in Pop’s car. Once our collars are on (which is a whole different story: Collar Crazies ) Sam & Raja race each other to Pop’s car while Elisabeth & I herd him out of the house and to the garage as fast as possible. And then we’re off!

We have a special “Back Seat Buddy” which is a strong doggy seat cover that latches to the back of the front seats and keeps us safely in the back. We don’t often travel on the motorway, but when we do we are (usually) buckled in safely. And when we reach our gravel road, Pop always releases us so we can hang out the window:

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An American Doggy in Queensland

My bestest friend in the whole wide world is Dakota (@DakotaBDog) who lives on the other side of the world in the USA. His mama was going away and so let him come spend the weekend with me!

Raja, Elisabeth, Dakota & Me

We decided that we wanted to camp in our paddocks so we set up our tent in the driest spot we could find. Pop also helped us set up our very own BBQ for noms *drools*.

My brofur Raja and sisfur Elisabeth joined us during the days but they slept at night in the house with Nan.

In this pic of us all, my mama Sam & my Nan are in the background, checking for snakes & creepy crawlies. Dakota and I are brave members of the #BadBoyzOfTwitter but we draw the line at crawlies.

@doglvr4evr (Lori) tent bedroom

Our dear human friend Lori (@doglvr4evr) also came over to camp for the first night, but we didn’t think she’d want to spend the night listening to me & Dakota snoring so we set up a tent especially for her. Very comfy.

Dakota arrived quite late that night so after a quick intro to the family, a whirlwind tour of the place and then some BBQ noms, we crashed in our tent. We both slept pretty soundly, even Dakota despite the unfamiliar creepy night noises. They didn’t seem to disturb him – he snored his way through the night, hehe.

Elisabeth (left), Tom (back) & Dakota

As you might know, we’ve experienced a lot of rainfall here lately, so much in fact that our turkey dam filled to capacity and then burst a wall and the water rushed down the hill, eventually washing away the tarseal from the road at the bottom.

Pop decided to go ahead and rebuild the dam wall this weekend before more rain fell, and we pups of course had to help.

But we weren’t of much help to Pop – we were having too much fun playing in the muddy water!

Dakota in his Aussie hat

It took most of the day to fix the dam and by the time we had cleaned ourselves up we were famished. Dakota & I got the BBQ going again and sat down to nommy sossidges while we discussed our plans for the rest of the day.

The weather was hot and sunny and as Dakota had forgotten to bring his cap, I presented him with his very own special Aussie hat. Not only does the Aussie hat protect you from the sun, the little corks help to keep the flies away from your face!

Me & Dakota on the RV

We decided that it just wouldn’t be right if Dakota didn’t get to ride on our RV so later that afternoon we went for a spin around our paddocks.

Dakota drove our RV like a professional – he has had a lot of practice driving his Mama’s car and his neighbour’s snowmobile, hehe.

It had been a long day for us, so we had an easy night after our BBQ dinner. Nan gave us her guitar and it turned out that Dakota was a natural and could strum out just about any tune you liked.

We spent the evening in sing-a-long around our campfire, our loud music-making and laughter competing with the angry noises the bats were making above us in the trees.

Dakota posing with a kangaroo

After another good night’s sleep and nommy BBQ breakfast, we went for a walk through our paddocks. There were a lot of smells that were unfamiliar to my buddy so we investigated thoroughly – he was especially taken with the kangaroo poo and fox pee.

We were lucky enough to pick up the scent of a some local kangaroos and went off on the hunt, eventually tracking them down and getting a snapshot of them for Dakota.

Me & Dakota acting ape

We’ve got a lot of trees on the property, and Dakota & I climbed almost every one of them over the weekend.

Sure, we lost some fur and scraped some skin, and sometimes we were met by angry ants. At one tree we even disturbed a very unhappy and nimble goanna, but we met these challenges face on and conquered every tree we attempted to climb.

Me Dakota, you Jane

Some of our trees have vines weaving their way through them and we had great fun climbing and swinging on them.

Personally I think Dakota might be part monkey ‘cos he was swinging through those trees just like Tarzan (or George of the Jungle, hehe).

Dakota holding a Koala Bear

While we were playing at jungle tracking in the paddocks a little later, Dakota spotted a lone bundle of fur making its way down one of our gum trees.

The little bundle turned out to be a friendly koala bear who was happy to take a picture with him. I was really pleased that my friend got to see one of our koalas because we don’t get very many passing through – we don’t have enough of the type of gum tree they feed on.

The afternoon was turning out to be rather warm for Dakota – not unexpected considering he was experiencing winter at his home and was therefore wearing his winter coat!

Dakota caught the one that didn’t get away

Pop suggested that to cool off we go fishing or swimming in our dam. Dakota & I decided we wanted fish for our BBQ dinner that night so we tied a hook on and threw a line in. I got a few nibbles but it was Dakota who landed the big one!

That evening was my friend’s last with us so we all shared the BBQ fish and sat around the campfire talking and laughing into the early hours of the morning.

Dakota as a Wallaby (Rugby Union)

We wanted to give Dakota something that would remind him of us whenever he saw it. And so after much debate between us, we got him an authentic Wallabies rugby shirt.

Early the next morning saw Dakota leave on the Google Earth Jet. I ran through the paddocks waving as my buddy zoomed away back to his home, knowing how much I was going to miss him. We sure had a great time and I sincerely hope he comes back again soon – but for longer! (we might keep him)

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A swim in the dam

We love being taken down to our dam, and it’s even better when there is water in it! Our dry season is roughly from May to September (the cooler months) so summer usually sees our dam filling a few times:

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Collar Crazies

(Click to go back to “Backseat Driving”: Backseat Driving post)

We love car rides. We know we’re going in the car because Nan puts our collars on and we only wear our collars when we’re going in the car. Nan usually puts them on while Pop is doing his ablutions, and we get pretty vocal about the whole affair!

Once in the car though we are quiet, well-behaved doggies (most of the time):


Pop calls us his in-car security system, hehehe.

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Secret Santa

My Secret Santa sent me a squeaky blue octopus-thingy toy! I was so excited, I wouldn’t even share it with my doggy family. I took it to my chair and there it remained.

It took me two days and I eventually chewed the legses off, but it still squeaked, yay! The third day I started carrying it around with me. Unfortunately I’ve dropped it in the paddock somewhere but these things have a way of turning up again!

So thank you Secret Santa for giving me such a fun gift *hugs* xx

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A typical Spring morning patrol

Our morning patrols usually begin checking out the vege patch for any signs of overnight visitors, then on to the corral in the house paddock.

Tom & Elisabeth in the vege garden
Raja & Sammy checking bush

Then once we have established security around the corral, we take some time out for a lie-down in the sunshine.

Back to front: Sammy, Raja, Elisabeth (left) Thomas (right)
Thomas on patrol

When we’ve finished soaking up the sunrays, we finish our patrol and go inside. Sometimes we dawdle a little on the way though.

Elisabeth giving Raja the “hurry up”

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Motorcade for Inigo Flufflebum

At 4pm NZ time on Sunday 20 November our hearts were broken when our sweet pal @InigoFufflebum went Over The Rainbow Bridge.

Inigo Flufflebum

Friends gathered to sit shiva and say Kaddish, or to share reminisces about Inigo, offer condolences and seek comfort. The #BadBoyzOfTwitter & #PinkAngels joined together to form a motorcade to escort Inigo to the sweet meadow at the start of the Rainbow Bridge.

Part of the #BadBoyzOfTwitter’s motorcade in honour of Inigo

There, we handed Inigo over to the care of @PepiSmartDog, who gently placed him into his pram and took him Over The Rainbow Bridge.

Inigo in the hand of an angel by @ChatteMuse

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A Farewell to Ryker_Tyker

It was with heavy hearts that the #BadBoyzOfTwitter gathered on 15 November, joining with other anipals to pay respect to the family of @Ryker_Tyker, who was taken from us so suddenly that day.

Ryker wearing his hand-made necklace

Friends got together to sit shiva and say Kaddish …

Sheet the mirrors. Set free the butterfly by @ChatteMuse

… and of course @PepiSmartDog was there to greet Ryker and to wheel him in his pram over the Bridge to family and friends waiting on the other side

Last glimpse, luminous blue downfloat. Forever heart-held, so loved. Deepest sorrow by @ChatteMuse

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Night Visitors – Foxes?

Over the last week we dogs have been very interested in something we can smell coming from around the horse corral during the evenings. We can’t get out to the corral but we make Nan & Pop aware that there is something out there. Then in the mornings when Nan takes us for our “patrol”, we make a mad dash to the corral to inspect any evidence left behind by the night visitors. In particular, our attention is usually riveted on a few bushes. Nan suspects the visitors are foxes.

Sammy & Thomas sniffing bushes, November 2010

Before we dogs came to live here, Nan said they had foxes around regularly at night. She still occasionally sees one or two. Usually they are trotting down the paddocks on the far boundary of our place, but she hasn’t seen them up near the house since Sammy arrived.

Raja & Thomas, November 2010

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