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A Special Christmas Present

For the first time in my life, I received a package in the post this Christmas, coming all the way from the United Kingdom. It was from my fiancee, @Keely_Bobs. Keely had sent me a brilliant frisbee made locally where she lives, and a soft warm blankie for the cooler months:

Fun frisbee from my darling Keely
Warm blankie from Keely for winter time

Here I am bringing the frisbee to Pop and asking him to throw it:

And here I am retrieving the frisbee and bringing it back to Pop for another throw. You’ll see I’ll also show you another way to carry it, hehehe:


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Engagement Party photos

We’ve been looking at some photos of our friends enjoying themselves at our Engagement Party held at Disneyland:

My fiancee, Keely (@Keely_Bobs) looking particularly lovely in her Princess gown.

@yellowlabmaggie with Cheshire Cat (waiving to @UrbanGunDog we suspect)
@Baxter_man & @furbabys on the Dumbo Ride
@RealJoannek (Ted) with @Tabbyteztweets also enjoying Dumbo

@BindytheBeagle and @Stephieblue joined in the Fairytale March!

@SadLovelyHeart with Mickey Mouse

@GrahamGuideDog and @Tikitikitempo meet Mickey

@FiveSibesMom 5 huskies on the train!

@PrimeBeagle in a hurry at Ariel’s Grotto
@MollyBrnBeagle @Chloe10Beagle @RosieBaseagle looking sweet in a tea cup

@SantinaKitteh & Laddiecat with Toad

@DakotaBDog with Mickey

@Bordercolliex & @Chelleloulou (Kye) with Alice & Mad Hatter (love those legs!)

@BearBearD (guest of honour) with Mickey
@Archiekib with Snow White (wonder what he just said?)
@Lily_the_torti on the carousel

Tea cup kitties: @pumpkinpuddy ?Who is this kitty? @IamTammyCat @ShaynaCat @TigerBoyTheCat @LilyLuWhoT

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Proud to Announce an Engagement

I am so happy … on 13 October 2010 my beautiful girlfriend Keely consented to be my forever partner. We have set our wedding for 21 February 2011, which is also my 4th birthday.

The princess of my heart, Keely

We held our Engagement Party on 5 November 2010 at Disneyland:

Keely & me at Disneyland for Engagement Party on 5 November 2010

Many of our Twitter friends attended, breakfasting at Ariel’s Grotto before enjoying the Park and its attractions:

Program for Engagement Party at Disneyland

During the breakfast, we toasted our special friend Bear, without whom we might never have met:

Toast to Bear at Engagement Breakfast

We also toasted my darling angel, Keely (@Keely_Bobs on Twitter):

Toast to Keely at Engagement Breakfast

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