thomas living in queensland

Introducing my Queensland family

My Queensland family

I live on 20 acres in a peaceful area out west of Ipswich in Queensland, Australia. Living with me are my Mama (Sammy) …

Sammy, aged 4 years in December 2009

… my brofur Raja (making faces at the camera) …

Raja, aged 3 years in 2010

… and my sisfur Elisabeth (she wouldn’t keep still and had to sniff the camera):

Elisabeth, aged 2 years in 2009

We also have 2 kitty siblings, Casey (born in NZ in 1998) and Patch (she adopted us as a 6mth stray, 2004):

Casey & Patch

Casey & Patch

Around the farm you will also find some chicken (chooks) – here is one of them with a Noisy Miner bird in the foreground:

We also share the place with lots of wild birds including cockatoos, galahs, lorikeets (rainbow and scaly breasted), corellas (long and short billed), peewees, willy wagtails, magpies, butcherbirds, noisy miners, blue-faced honey eaters, doves and pigeons. In fact, we have listed 63 different types of bird who also call our patch “home”.

And we usually have some horses around the place, too:


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