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Collar Crazies

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We love car rides. We know we’re going in the car because Nan puts our collars on and we only wear our collars when we’re going in the car. Nan usually puts them on while Pop is doing his ablutions, and we get pretty vocal about the whole affair!

Once in the car though we are quiet, well-behaved doggies (most of the time):


Pop calls us his in-car security system, hehehe.


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Secret Santa

My Secret Santa sent me a squeaky blue octopus-thingy toy! I was so excited, I wouldn’t even share it with my doggy family. I took it to my chair and there it remained.

It took me two days and I eventually chewed the legses off, but it still squeaked, yay! The third day I started carrying it around with me. Unfortunately I’ve dropped it in the paddock somewhere but these things have a way of turning up again!

So thank you Secret Santa for giving me such a fun gift *hugs* xx

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Paperbark Trees & Swimming Pools

Summer around here is usually heralded by a number of things. The weather warms up, of course, and the humans complain about the humidity, but there are other tell-tale signs.

For instance, our paperbark (melaleuca) trees shed their bark. This goes on throughout summer as the new bark underneath is revealed. The paperbark isn’t used for many things but it is used by the Aborigines for such things as containers, totem poles, seal for ovens and canoes. Paperbark is also used for habitat for shelter when on “walkabout” around the countryside. And the thick old paperbark trucks provide hollows especially when fires occur during dry season:

The second absolute indicator of summer being here is our summer pool looks more inviting if you were a crocodile than a dog or human. There are swamps around that are less dirty than our pool at the moment:

No doubt Pop will have it clean and ready for use just in time for it to be too cold for Nan to swim.

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Happy New Year – 2011

Keely and I would like to wish all our anipals a very Happy New Year. Wouldn’t it be nice if this were to become the “NO MORE” year … no more lost/abandoned pets, no more hungry animals and people, no more miserable emptiness in the world. Together we can make it a reality.

Wherever you are in the world, we wish you joy and good health this year *raises a glass* xxx

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A Special Christmas Present

For the first time in my life, I received a package in the post this Christmas, coming all the way from the United Kingdom. It was from my fiancee, @Keely_Bobs. Keely had sent me a brilliant frisbee made locally where she lives, and a soft warm blankie for the cooler months:

Fun frisbee from my darling Keely
Warm blankie from Keely for winter time

Here I am bringing the frisbee to Pop and asking him to throw it:

And here I am retrieving the frisbee and bringing it back to Pop for another throw. You’ll see I’ll also show you another way to carry it, hehehe:

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Merry Christmas Everyone

For we pups, this is our fourth Christmas on this planet, although for our very first Christmas we were just bumps in Mama’s tummy. This year Nan & Pop have decorated our playroom and we’ve been for our Christmas photos:

 And the kitty cats decided to have their photos taken this year. Casey (left) was born in NZ, is bottle-raised and almost 15 yrs old; Patch (middle) is 7 yrs old (and adopted us); and Darius (right) is 13 yrs old and our first Aussie pet:

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A typical Spring morning patrol

Our morning patrols usually begin checking out the vege patch for any signs of overnight visitors, then on to the corral in the house paddock.

Tom & Elisabeth in the vege garden
Raja & Sammy checking bush

Then once we have established security around the corral, we take some time out for a lie-down in the sunshine.

Back to front: Sammy, Raja, Elisabeth (left) Thomas (right)
Thomas on patrol

When we’ve finished soaking up the sunrays, we finish our patrol and go inside. Sometimes we dawdle a little on the way though.

Elisabeth giving Raja the “hurry up”

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Motorcade for Inigo Flufflebum

At 4pm NZ time on Sunday 20 November our hearts were broken when our sweet pal @InigoFufflebum went Over The Rainbow Bridge.

Inigo Flufflebum

Friends gathered to sit shiva and say Kaddish, or to share reminisces about Inigo, offer condolences and seek comfort. The #BadBoyzOfTwitter & #PinkAngels joined together to form a motorcade to escort Inigo to the sweet meadow at the start of the Rainbow Bridge.

Part of the #BadBoyzOfTwitter’s motorcade in honour of Inigo

There, we handed Inigo over to the care of @PepiSmartDog, who gently placed him into his pram and took him Over The Rainbow Bridge.

Inigo in the hand of an angel by @ChatteMuse

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A Farewell to Ryker_Tyker

It was with heavy hearts that the #BadBoyzOfTwitter gathered on 15 November, joining with other anipals to pay respect to the family of @Ryker_Tyker, who was taken from us so suddenly that day.

Ryker wearing his hand-made necklace

Friends got together to sit shiva and say Kaddish …

Sheet the mirrors. Set free the butterfly by @ChatteMuse

… and of course @PepiSmartDog was there to greet Ryker and to wheel him in his pram over the Bridge to family and friends waiting on the other side

Last glimpse, luminous blue downfloat. Forever heart-held, so loved. Deepest sorrow by @ChatteMuse

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Halloween Videos

My fur-siblings and I got together and made a video for Nan & Pop to celebrate Halloween. It was a great hit so we’re sharing it with you:
Click to view our Monster Mash video!

Darius is the Monster; Sammy is the Wolfman, I’m playing Doctor Frankenstein; Raja is Dracula and Elisabeth plays Elvira.

Plus, some of my pals on Twitter and I made another Halloween video that’s pretty good:
Click to view Twitter Pals on Halloween video

Left to right: Me as Dracula; @bensonthehusky is the Monster; @Keely_Bobs (my Princess) is the Witch; @DakatoBDog is the Mummy and @furbabys as Elvira

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