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A New Tomorrow – Welcoming 2012

I would like to share this inspiring poem from a blog I share with my wifey, Keely. I don’t know who wrote it but I am trying to find out.


Tomorrow Begins Today !

If tomorrow seems uncertain, know that there’s a plan.

A purpose to accomplish; if you believe, you can!

Today begins your future, don’t let it slip away.

You can have tomorrow, what you believe today!

Some will say “You’re dreaming; it can never be”.

But stay strong, be encouraged, and one day you will see.

Your words about tomorrow, help prepare the way.

You will see tomorrow, what you say today!

Find a hurt and heal it. Today help fill a need.

The things you do for others, will grow like planted seed.

Harvest time is certain, and you will get your pay.

You will reap tomorrow, what you sow today!

Today you feel rejected. Tomorrow you’re a hit.

As long as there’s tomorrow, tough people never quit.

If your strength is failing, take time to rest and pray.

For you will be tomorrow, what you prepare today!


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